This is an illustration I am working on. It is part of a comic my friends and I are putting together. Check back for more illustrations and updates on the comic's release.


The Race!!

I am currently working on concept art and storyboards for a movie my friend is putting together. Here is an example of the work. More will be uploaded throughout the week.



Hey. Its been a while and I want to tell you what I have been up too. I am currently working as a Camera Man at TV30 and finishing up an internship at Here is an illustration I did today and I hope you like it.


Here is a quick update of what I have been up too. I am currently working as a freelance artists doing storyboards on a project I cannot talk about. Hopefully when the project is done I can post the boards on my website. I also have been meaning to upload a bunch of sketches I have done recently so stay posted to see my current work.

Legend of the guardians promo

Here are some pictures I took of the new mural I painted and promo items I built. In the tree I added lights to act as the eyes of the owls and I even built little masks to put over the lights. I also built a couple of arches and decorated them with fake leaves and vines.

Mobster Boards

The mobster boards I did are finally up. Take a look at them and send me an email with any critiques on anything you might have. I always welcome a chance to improve my boarding skills.



Finished ironman promo

Here are some photos of the close to finished ironman project. The only that was added after these photos was the orange box with my name in it to make it look like a comic panel.


Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been able to post anything new lately. I'm still tying to get this website the way I want. I wanted to let you know that I will be working on a promo project for the new Ironman movie. I will be making an ironman suit using limited materials. So basically cardboard. I will be posting up pictures of my process and how it turns out. Here is a picture of a previous promo project.